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    • Do you want to play the guitar but you don't know where to begin?
    • Have you started playing guitar but progress is slowing down and you are starting to doubt yourself?
    • Tired of your solos sounding "ok" when you want them to sound amazing like the pros?
    • Want to shred as fast as the speed of light but you find yourself struggling to play at moderate speeds?
    • Wondering how you can sound expressive with a couple of notes?


If you are here right now, there is a chance that you may have not started playing yet meaning you are walking in the streets endlessly with a blindfold around your face. 

Or perhaps you are taking guitar lessons right now. But there is something missing. You might find that you have made some progress in the beginning, but you are possibly nowhere near as good as you want to be. Can you play some chords? Probably. Can you play a song or 2? Potentially you can. You may have have gotten excited about writing your own songs, or improvising your own expressive lead guitar solos. Can you do that? Well, kind of. But the results may not be the results you were hoping for.

Your solos may sound alright, but not totally heart grabbing. When you improvise, it may just sounds like notes and not music you love to play. If you want to play fast, you may have tried but found that you are sloppy at moderate speeds, not even being able to imagine yourself playing at lightning fast speeds.

It's possible that you have hit a wall and you have now become frustrated thinking "Why have I stopped making progress?". Or you have not started guitar yet and you have no idea where to start. Either way, it is likely that you are desperate for a solution.

What are some common solutions?

  1.    Learn from guitar books of scales and chords.
  1.    Go on guitar forums to try and learn from other guitar players.
  1.    Go on Youtube and searched for guitar lessons.
  1.    Buy guitar DVD's and online courses.

Think These Approaches On Top Of Guitar Lessons Work? The Answer Will Shock You

 Books, courses and DVD's- are written in a logical step by step linear way. While this is good for learning mathematics it is not good for learning music. Because music is an art, you must be taught in a geometric approach. The linear step by step approach will likely leave you confused, frustrated and even bored. Who wants to learn like that? Also these can't help you overcome specific problems in your playing. So if you learn from the course but you struggle with something specific like struggling to change from one chord to another the course won't be of any help to you. So the next time you see a book with 100 scales or 500 chords, or the next time you see a course that claims you can become a great guitarist overnight don't be fooled. None of that will get you anywhere.

Internet forums- are filled with many guitar players who are willing to give advice, but who is to say that the person giving advice is even qualified to give advice? It may not be a great guitar player you are talking to, in fact it may well be someone who has been playing guitar for 3 months and is struggling to play barre chords. Most people on forums are definitely not qualified to give any advice whatsoever about playing guitar so their advice will be inaccurate or just plain bad.

Youtube video lessons- are about random topics and they are usually taught in a one size fits all way, so some people may understand the lessons but some people will learn better in different ways, so they need to be taught differently. Also the videos may be about the things that you either don't need to learn, or things that you will need to learn but you are not far enough in your development as a guitarist to learn this yet. In short, it is not personalised! How are you going to be able to reach your goals if you don't have lessons that are customised specifically for you reaching your specific goals?

Yes it is true that you can learn a lot of content from these approaches, but knowing a lot of content will not turn you into a great guitar player alone. You need to be taught in a geometric way, be taught how to practice (yes, how to practice) and you need to learn to apply the content that you learn. If you take guitar lessons in Devon with me this is exactly what you will learn!

But What About Guitar Teachers? How Can You Make Little Progress If You Have A Guitar Teacher?

Most teachers teach in a linear step by step way. This might seem like common sense, but as mentioned, this method has been proven to be inferior to the geometric teaching method. In fact like the approaches above, most teachers don't even teach you how to apply the content they give you!

So with most guitar teachers you will learn lots of content but you will have no idea how to apply the content to make music, improvise, you may even be unable to come up with one great phrase!

No wonder so many guitar players struggle every day. You may even be taking lessons with such a teacher now. 

Playing guitar

The point I am making is that it is not your fault if you are struggling, and it is not your fault you are not as good as you want to be. You may be stuck in a rut and you do not even realise it. If you are really struggling with your guitar playing or you have no idea where to start, I understand how you feel. Many guitar players are going through the exact same thing, and most if not all great guitar players have felt this way in the past.

However, I have discovered that if you practice the right things, in the right way and in the right order at the right time, you can truly become a great musician. But if you have an ineffective teacher who doesn't help you with this effectively, you may never reach your goals.

It's very likely whether you are taking lessons or not, you are missing out on much more than you can imagine right now. This is stopping you from truly reaching your goals meaning you are paralysed waist deep in quicksand with no one to pull you out.

But let me ask you something:

What If You Could Change All That And Become An Awesome Guitarist?

Well now you can! My name is Jake Willmot and I am a member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. There I have learned the best strategies of how to teach (and how not to teach) and how to bring you the results that you desire! Only the most dedicated teachers receive this training, so clearly I am the one who is going to pull you out of the quicksand and help you reach your goals! Therefore if you want to learn rock or metal guitar then you need to take guitar lessons in Devon with me.

Imagine being able to shred so fast that you cause the earth to shake. Picture the faces of everyone listening to your awesome, awe inspiring solos.

Think of how amazing it is going to be when you know the secrets to be as        creative and expressive as the greatest guitar players alive.

You will find that devon guitar lessons will give you 3 times more results than average lessons elsewhere.

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The Difference Between Guitar Lessons In Devon And Guitar Lessons With Everyone Else

1- You will get a FREE introductory session where we will discover your strengths and weaknesses and create a plan to reach your goals.

2- You will learn the things you need to know to reach your goals, as opposed to general guitar lessons that simply will not get you to where you want to be.

3- You will learn how to practice effectively so that you will make progress much faster when you are practising at home. Being told to practice is not enough, you need to be shown how.  At devon guitar lessons you will be taught this.

4- You will get the training, coaching and mentoring needed to apply all the skills you know so that you can become a complete  musician. It's pointless to know "stuff" without knowing how to apply it.

5- Effective strategies in place to reach your goals so you will be taught the right things, at the right time and you will be taught in the right way for you. This will get you much better results than other teachers who just teach you by trial and error.

6- You will learn guitar in a geometric way so not only will you make more progress in less time, you will have much more fun in the process of learning guitar.

7- Your progress will be tracked by me so that you know where you are at in terms of reaching your goals. It's very hard if not impossible to reach your goals without knowing where you are at!

8- You will get your guitar playing problems solved, and even better you will avoid future guitar playing problems in the first place meaning your guitar progress will be much greater in much less time.

9- You will be taught creativity and have opportunities to be creative. Your chances of becoming a great guitar player will be higher than the Eiffel Tower when you realise that you don't lack "natural talent" to be a guitar god!

You have a chance to finally transform your guitar playing abilities to exactly where you want them to be. Do not go through another day of not knowing how to reach your musical goals. Life is far too short to waste time "thinking about" becoming a great guitarist. And it is completely unacceptable to learn guitar from someone who does not have any guitar teaching training whatsoever! 


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PS- I understand if you are uncertain right now, making such a change in your guitar playing is a big decision. Becoming a great guitar player is a choice. Do not wait any longer to take the action you must take in order to become a great musician!

PSS- Think you can results elsewhere? No one else who is offering guitar lessons in devon is receiving guitar teacher training. Do not take lessons from someone who is not trained how to teach guitar! This will be a giant waste of your time and money. Worst of all, you may never reach your goals! Tell me about yourself and your goals and let's get started.


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